Friday, 4 December 2009

Men are so simple and Women are so damn complicated !!

W : Is it to hard for u men, to just type a text message for 5 second and let your woman know where u are ??
M : I am a man and i can take care of my self, if i am okay then i don't have to let you know where i am all the time..

W : If u are so tired because of your working hours why making it more worse by going to see a movie with your friends and yet don't have the time to text your woman after you are home ??
M : Don't wanna wake you because i am home almost midnight.

W : you men are soo #%**^$^$%$#....
M : you woman are so much more *^^%&)(*@%$@$352

It's SUUCCK !!!!

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